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Having done everything from Group Meditations to Intimate Soul Spread Card Readings to Teaching Kundalini Yoga to 500+ people, Sabrina's work is an experience. Sabrina’s on a mission to catalyze people to radiate their radness and align to their highest potential through Modern Mysticism, Kundalini Yoga, and Personal Empowerment. There's no denying that Sabrina's magnetism is contagious and infectious and will be leaving your audience, groups, and participants inspired and empowered for days long after.


Whether your event is 60-90 minutes, a half-day Experience, workshop, or a day long retreat, Sabrina will create a customized experience based on your needs and desires to enrich your event.

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With a background in storytelling, mentorship, and being the host of The Sovereign Society Podcast, Sabrina is passionate to share her spiritual awakening after how she conquered her trials and continues to honor all facets of her human experience through authenticity, vulnerability, and perseverance. Being well versed in various topics including Spirituality, Modern Mysticism, Psychedelics, Conscious Business + Empowerment Coaching, and Kundalini Yoga, Sabrina offers an experience that will leave you inspired to go out there + share your medicine with the world.


Speaking Topics Include

Conscious Empowerment through the Divine Masculine + Divine Feminine Harmony  ||   The Power of Plant Medicines + Psychedelics  ||  Transmuting Trauma into Triumph

Modern Mysticism + the Conscious Journey of the New Paradigm  ||  Conquering PTSD and Aligning to your Authentic Radness

Photo | Conor Lee Photography

Photo | Conor Lee Photography

Sabrina is such a pleasure to work with. Her professionalism and vast knowledge of on the feminine and masculine, made her a perfect speaker for our fund raiser. She took a subject that often divides us, gender roles, and gave ways to unify not only the feminine and masculine in or society, but within every one of us. She kept our audience engaged and created a safe space for many of them to ask questions once her talk was completed. I would recommend Sabrina for anyone looking to hire an expert that can offer knowledge and solutions for anyone navigating the this post #metoo movement climate.
— Ashley Lorona, Event Coordinator | Together We
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available in Joshua Tree, California

With a history of Spiritual Awakenings and Mystical Journeys, Joshua Tree, California is the mecca for Modern Mystics. Whether you’re looking for a Soul Activation Kundalini Awakening, a multidimensional adventure through the power of sound medicine, or an energetic clearing and upgrade, The Modern Mystic Experience is a customized journey with the intention to expand your awareness, elevate your vibration and tap into higher consciousness as you connect with the elements and the magic of this sacred land. Traveling to your Vacation Rental, Sabrina caters to your desires to help make those desert visions and dreams a reality. Whether you’re looking to enhance your vacation, bless up your bachelorette party, or enrich your private event, this unique experience offers memories and feels that will last a lifetime.

I can’t tell you how incredible of a day Saturday was for all of us; we couldn’t stop talking about our soul readings and the energy high from the class even after you left (so thanks for making me look like a rockstar organizer). You truly have a gift girl and we are so happy and honored that you shared it with us.
— Chelsey Z.
One of my favorite moments from the whole experience was seated up on these boulders, listening to and feeling the vibrations from Sabrina’s crystal bowls as the sun set. I could absolutely do that every day and never get sick of it.
— Sara Combs | The Joshua Tree House

Cultivating Sacred Spaces, Sabrina has taught at Internationally known festivals and retreats around the world to anchor in the frequencies of the Golden Era through Sound Healing Sessions and Kundalini Yoga Experiences. Each Medicine Session offers a unique and potent experience to your Private Event or Conscious Gathering that will leave you feeling activated and empowered to go out into the world and Radiate Your Radness.


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